Sunday, November 14, 2010

Altered Book Page Number One: Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci
The subject of this page, New Year’s resolution was first extremely difficult to characterize as an art piece initially. I thought, “I am I suppose to show a list of words basically as a piece of art in an artist’s style without it being unoriginal?” Gradually though, the idea came and I decided to write the year’s resolution in Latin to show the Italian heritage of da Vinci and make a great page. This page was one of the hardest pages to get started with, maybe because it was the first assignment, but overall, I love its look. It immediately gives the iconic style and achievements of da Vinci, and the colors of yellow, gold, purple, red, maroon, and the shades of brown marry well. I also like its unity and the well balanced proportion of the page, being a two page spread, proportion and balance were two things that one had to constantly keep in mind. The page doesn’t have any much emphasis, movement, but it makes up for them in its great color, composition, and overall look/design of ancient/renaissance. Note: Don't burn paper inside your room with window/door closed.... even if its for art class... lol

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