Friday, April 8, 2011

Evolution: "De-Construct It" Art HW

Watercolor Quick practice

Watercolor Quick Practice

Mechanical Parts: Cyborg on Altered Paper

Democratic Presidents and Republican Presidents

Rendering done is a sketchy kind of a style? Sketchbook Homework.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

“Warhol & Lichtenstein Zen”
I wanted to test how much I could take a piece of drawing I’d done                                                 and change it into something drastically different. I used the same living                                                                                        room still-life I’d been looking at and created a Roy Lichtenstein/Andy                                                      Warhol/ Japanese zen print artwork. The main focus is the lines. I really                                                                                       love the feel of the work; it’s simple, but strong, chic, and graspable.
Again, this piece was inspired by history too. It shows the Roaring Twenties and all the facets of the era.
Sketchbook Drawing I did of me and my dog.