Sunday, November 14, 2010

“Warhol & Lichtenstein Zen”
I wanted to test how much I could take a piece of drawing I’d done                                                 and change it into something drastically different. I used the same living                                                                                        room still-life I’d been looking at and created a Roy Lichtenstein/Andy                                                      Warhol/ Japanese zen print artwork. The main focus is the lines. I really                                                                                       love the feel of the work; it’s simple, but strong, chic, and graspable.
Again, this piece was inspired by history too. It shows the Roaring Twenties and all the facets of the era.
Sketchbook Drawing I did of me and my dog.
“Layered Personalities”
I think this piece says a lot about who I am and what my values are. It was                                                               partly inspired by Einstein’s quote, “Intellectual growth should commence at                                                              birth and cease only at death”.  Something about it reverberated a strong feeling                                                                          in me, but I found physically incorporating the words a challenge. I am hoping                                                                             to add onto it and make it even more detailed and thought-invoking.
“Revolution of the Proletariat”
Historians agree: there’s no place quite like China. I’ve always found history                                                                          and politics personally fascinating, and the former and latter of China was                                                               something of an enigma to me. In “Revolution of the Proletariat”, the piece                                                                        depicts the forty year period of radical transformation, from the Japanese                                                      occupation of mainland China to the Communist revival and the Cultural                                                             Revolution. The piece is a commentary, more thematic than critical. The                                                              dramatic image, implied shapes, and interpretive color convey dynamics                                                                  that tend to characterize a political revolution.
“Bikes & Gears”
Self Portrait
Stippling of a Tree Knot with watercolor

I really love this piece. I never expected it to turn out as it did; it just began                                                                     from a simple sketch of a slug that I did during class…daydreaming. One                                                                                      part I love about it is its sheer subjectivity. When I asked my friends what                                                                                            they thought the title should be, all of them gave me very fundamentally                                                                   different names. One wanted it to be called “The Freudian ego”, another                                                        ironically said, “Doldrums”, and my political dissenting friend said, “Politics”.                                                                            What’s your suggestion?
This was a portrait I did of the Suwanne Finance Adm Team while I interned there over the summer!
Great Experience! :)
 “Still-life Study”
This piece was a study of colors and different styles for me. I incorporated  the styles used in traditional African art with American Pop art. Originally a                                                                      still-life, I wanted to see if I could take a piece I already had and make                                                                      something new with it, adding a twist. I think it turned out very well.
“Contour with Watercolor”

This was a study piece I did looking at the same living room                                                                                                                still-life.  I used semi-blind contour lines and gave the piece a sharp                                                                                    watercolor wash.
This piece was for a contest for young students living abroad called “Life in a Flying House”. This piece is very special to me; in this piece, I tell my personal experience of my life in America. My experience is simple; all my classmates   and friends come from such exotic and different places of the world. Their language, their looks, their culture and their history is always a thousand poles apart; yet, we all come together, in a single unbroken quilt of acceptance and friendship. America is a crossroad, and I am proud to be a part of it, and I hope that all who see this piece see the miracle and greatness that I see everyday.
2009~2010 Instanbul Art contest: 4th Place
Theme: Who's YOUR Neighbor?

This was a painting I did on a close-up view on one of the three collages. The Collages were done in a vintage style.They were all inspired by William Faulkner's A Rose for Emily.
Altered Book Page Number One: Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci
The subject of this page, New Year’s resolution was first extremely difficult to characterize as an art piece initially. I thought, “I am I suppose to show a list of words basically as a piece of art in an artist’s style without it being unoriginal?” Gradually though, the idea came and I decided to write the year’s resolution in Latin to show the Italian heritage of da Vinci and make a great page. This page was one of the hardest pages to get started with, maybe because it was the first assignment, but overall, I love its look. It immediately gives the iconic style and achievements of da Vinci, and the colors of yellow, gold, purple, red, maroon, and the shades of brown marry well. I also like its unity and the well balanced proportion of the page, being a two page spread, proportion and balance were two things that one had to constantly keep in mind. The page doesn’t have any much emphasis, movement, but it makes up for them in its great color, composition, and overall look/design of ancient/renaissance. Note: Don't burn paper inside your room with window/door closed.... even if its for art class... lol